VehComm Platforms

The VehComm Vehicle Communications Platforms from Autolectron are designed to enable remote monitoring of mining fleets.

Our VehComm solutions allow the “Who, What, Where and When” questions to be answered.

The VehComm communications platforms use GSM – GRPS, WLAN or Radio for the wireless data medium, depending on the needs of the client. The platforms may be used in surface or underground environments for the control, monitoring and identification of the mining fleet. Equipment positioning is typically via GPS for surface operations and TAG positioning for underground operations.

Engine health and monitoring is done by interfacing to Autolectron’s AMS3000 Engine Monitor. Operator identification and license control (authentication) allows for proper operator control - including Biometric verification.  

The VehComm platforms are designed to integrate with our own or various software vendors’ products, thus not restricting the client to a single software vendor. Our various software partners allow for highly intelligent reporting, maintenance scheduling and live monitoring for multiple environments. This ‘open platform’ approach allows our clients to select a software supplier most suited to their needs - be it high end mine production systems or simpler track and trace solutions. Our VehComm system allows the user to access live data and reports via Web Interface, Dedicated Software and other methods.

Adding the VehComm platform is a simple hardware upgrade to the AMS3000. In some cases third party hardware integration such as weighing systems are possible. Each client would have their own specific requirements or even just use our standard reports and Web interface.
Our Standard Reports Typically Cover:
* Engine Health Events.
* Engine Hours.
* Start / Stop Times.
* Operator Reports.
* Geo-fence Events.



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